Hisaya's Profile

レーベル代表:宝生久弥 / Hisaya Hojo

代表作品に三菱地所『大手町カフェ』、東京ミレナリオ『Snow Mail』、100万人のキャンドルナイト『candlescape』、愛・地球博2005『地球回廊』等、数々の企業、団体のテーマ音楽、BGM、音楽プロデュースを担当。音楽を担当した大手町カフェがグッドデザイン賞の金賞を受賞。SnowMailが文化庁メディア芸術祭にて審査委員会推薦作品に選定。LIVE、DJも行っておりキャンドルナイト・イベント『夏至フェス@代々木公園野外音楽堂』など数々のイベントに出演。

2019年音楽プロダクションUnited Code Limitedと業務提携。2020年にリリースしたNostal -Asia (2020Remaster)がiTunes Store エレクトロニック トップアルバム7位にランクイン。音楽活動、創作活動の一貫したテーマは「生命力」。


A musician,DJ. Also the leader of the creative team "ScapeRec,Tokyo"

Produced a lot of music widely such as Tokyo Millenario's "Snow Mail".Eco Cafe's "Otemachi-cafe",the back ground music of the Million People's Candle Night's web page "candle scape" and the back ground music of "Chikyuu-Kairou" at 2005 World Exhibition,Aichi,Japan.

Released "Kimiiro" Produced by Hisaya Hojo and Kakumakushaka in 2010 and

"Kimiiro Note" which is mixed ambient R&B and piano hip-hop music in 2011.

Being particular about ambient and chillout music ,on the other hand he shows his own wide musicality.

Released hisa first ambient music Album "AMBIENT I" in 2013.

Produced "SELECT ZERO" as a DJ. Also, appears in a Radio program of Electro music and Club music "Hisaya Hojo's SCAPE RADIO" which is broadcasted from the FM radio station of IWATE named "Radio Morioka".

Besides working as a solo musician, he keeps performing as a member of the "Hojo Hisaya's Band". Released his 3rd Album "Nostal-Asia" in which weaved from Post-Dubstep music to Chillwave in summer 2014.

Form a business alliance with Music production "United Code Limited" in 2019.

"Nostal-Asia (2020 Remaster)" released in 2020 ranked 7th in the iTunes Store Electronic Top Album.

The theme of his musical and creative activity is "the Vitality".